About Us

 Hello there,people!
My name is Marci Hunter and with help from my lovely husband and best friend,David, I started TheCraftyButton about 2 years ago.I started with simple jewellery making and evolved to cushions,baby booties,plushies,wreaths and everything you can think of. We have a long way to go but we're really proud of our little business so far .
Always fancied myself as a blogger but truth to be told, i never had time for blogging, between making my lovelies,dealing with clients,listing items on Etsy and yelling at my nutjob cats I never found enough time for blogging . But here I am, taking a pledge to start paying more attention and time to blogging .
Our business became really popular on Facebook ,mainly in the UK and Ireland and a couple of weeks ago we opened our Etsy shop and even though it doesnt seem like much, we had 12 sales already,some of them overseas and we're really proud!We're very thankful to have lots of orders each week. Thanks to some of my customer's imagination I designed some lovely items.
                 I'm planning on sharing lots of patterns and tutorials with you from now on, or how I like to call them FREEBIES! You're welcome to use all my freebies for your own personal use as long as I get credit for them in case you want to sell your own version of them,here and them at least! And I would really appreciate if you won't share my freebies with anybody else. Instead,just send them here so they can snag them for themselves!
                We have regular GIVEAWAYS so make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep an eye on future SALES or GIVEAWAYS!
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All our items are really affordable so you can visit our ETSY shop by clicking HERE to see for yourself!

For any questions regarding anything you can think of, contact me on FB or send an e-mail to : ourfunkyshop@googlemail.com