Saturday, 28 May 2011

My miniature bakery :)

So..a couple of weeks ago I made some miniature cakes and plates,trays and a cake stand. I absolutely love working with clay so i enjoyed every minute of it. Wish I had a fancy doll-house or a bakery where they belong. Here are some pictures of my  brand new "baked good"

All my cakes

For the plate making  i didnt use Fimo or Sculpey, i used the classic air-drying modelling clay DAS wich is a pain in my bum but its so much cheaper than Fimo or Sculpey.  And if you dont wanna wait 3 days for the clay to dry, if you're  anxious like I am, you can alway use the oven at 50 degrees Celsius, be careful to turn them every now and then tho.

Strwberry cheese cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with roses on top

Orange cake with oranges and lime on top