Friday, 13 April 2012

Free octopus sewing pattern

This is an easy peasy octopus sewing pattern made by myself so feel free to use it but do not sell it.
 And if you use this pattern to make octopus plushies for sale then please give credit to TheCraftyButtonUK or this blog.
This sewing pattern is brilliant for beginners ,doesn't take long to make and the result is cute as it can be.

  1. First you cut out the patterns leaving seam allowance, 1 bottom and 4 bodies .  You can use same colour for all the pieces but if you want the design of your octopus to look more eye-catching then you can cut the bottom piece out of other colour than the body pieces.
  2. We start sewing by putting together the body pieces. Sew them all 4 together on the marked lines. Don't sew the legs as well, just the bodies!
  3. When you're done sewing all the bodies together ,attach the bottom piece to the bodies but don't sew it shut. Turn your octopus inside-out through the gap you left.
  4. Once you turned it inside-out, stuff it with hollow fibres (pillow stuffing or anything you have handy) and sew it shut once its fully stuffed
  5. Add all the details you want by glueing them, eyes,mouth,bows,hats, anything you want

And you're done !
Here's the first octopus I made thanks to this pattern!
This octopus's name is Penelope and I think its obvious why. I love Penelope Garcia ( Kirsten Vangsness), the lovely  and quirky IT technician  for Criminal Minds. So with her in mind I made this octopus plushie!