Sunday, 1 April 2012

Free Zebra doll pattern

          I've been meaning for ages to make some time and start blogging again but between the hassle of listing items on Etsy ,creating things, updating Facebook and Twitter and selling i just ..dint got the time.
         About a month ago I made this zebra doll that I totally love and named her Zee. I know, not very original. But you would think people would realize she's a zebra since i named her Zee but Nooo, everybody keeps calling her a moo cow. Anywaaaaaaay. I was so satisfied with the result that I decided to share the sewing pattern with all of you.
          You're free to replicate it as much as you want and if you're going to attempt making a similar one I would loooove to see your versions so please give me a shout! And I would really appreciate it if you would give me credit for the pattern in case you're making one or more for selling.
I would've loved to make a whole tutorial,pictures and other instructions but I just didn't had the time. I hope the sewing pattern and the picture of Zee I'm going to post it'll be clear enough to help you create one .

   Here's the sewing pattern . As for eyes you can use 2 black buttons, I made my own,using polymer clay.
And here's the final product.  I added a tutu and a 2 bows to make her more girly

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